Easy Toilet Paper Roll Forts for Kids

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Since we are all spending more time at home with the kids, it’s time to do something fun! Let’s use up what we have and make something amazing! What do you do with your empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls? Don’t toss them in the garbage! These toilet paper tubes are perfect for so many fun crafts and creations. A few years ago, my son and I pulled out the hot glue gun and created a toilet paper roll fort! They were the perfect building blocks for an amazing fort!

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Toilet Paper Roll Tubes for Kids

My kids have always had a great imagination. They have gone through so many stages with their toys. Recently, my son wanted a new fort for his army figures. So instead of running out to the store, we just raided the recycle bin. With a little bit of extra paint from the garage, the hot glue gun, some paper towel tubes, toilet paper rolls and our imagination, we easily built this cardboard tube fort!

Materials Needed

How to make a fort out of toilet paper rolls!
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard tubes
  • A piece of cardboard for the base
  • Spray Paint
  • Imagination
luke fortress


  • Lay out the floorplan for your fort
toilet paper for t4
  • Glue on the first layer
  • Start building up
  • Remember to leave some spaces for any windows or doors.
  • Paint your fort
toilet paper fort 5
  • Add your action figures and start the battle.
toilet paper fort 7

Want to take this fort idea up a notch? A big notch? A few years ago, my parents picked up a bunch of carpet tubes and made a life-size log cabin for the kids!

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