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What will you Create with a Cardboard Box?


Have you ever watched a small child with a cardboard box? They can have the most fun just playing with an ordinary empty box. My Mom is the master of using cardboard, a knife and some tape to create just about anything. All my life, I have seen her transform a box into some crazy things. She built me doll houses and furniture, life size trees for her classroom and castles for my kids. I’ve seen her create custom shape boxes to protect mirrors and book shelves that were sturdy enough for our book collections. Here are some great ideas to use the next time you have some extra cardboard and need a new project.


What will you Create with a Cardboard Box?

Angry Birds Tower

Collect as many empty cereal, soda, and detergent boxes to create your own Angry Birds obstacle course. Use small stuffed animals to throw at the tower.


Log Cabin out of Cardboard Tubes

Check out your local carpet store and ask them to save their cardboard tubes. Then bring them home and create your own logcabin using carpet tubes!


Musical Instruments

Create your own band instruments using the things you find in your recycle bin – tubes, boxes, rubber bands and more. You can make your own musical instruments!


Monster Trucks out of Packing Material and Cereal Boxes

When you get a package in the mail, don’t just chunk the packing materials. Use them to create something fun. My Mom and the kids created some pretty cool monster trucks out of foam circles, straws and cereal boxes.


Grand Piano out of a Cereal Box

Got a music lover in your family? How about creating a grand piano out of a cereal box, a can of black spray paint and 3 toilet paper rolls for the legs. This grand piano would be perfect for dolls or as a storage box for the special things you want to save. Who says it has to be a Valentine’s box?


Create a Puppet Stage

Got a large cardboard box and some socks? Let the kids decorate the box and turn it into a puppet stage. Add some googly eyes to a sock and you have an instant puppet!

creativity with socks and cardboard

What can you create out of cardboard? I’d love to hear and see your favorite creations!

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