Button Garden Decor & Flower Stakes


A few years ago, I inherited a huge coffee can full of buttons with every color, shape, and size you can imagine. I left them in a box and basically forgot they existed till recently I was cleaning out my basement and found them. At first, I thought about discarding them and sending them on to a thrift store or a kindergarten teacher but then I started seeing some fun possibilities for garden decorations. If you have buttons, then you have endless possibilities for fun! Join me and let’s make some button garden decor and flower stakes to use as accents in our garden!

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Button Garden Decor & Flower Stakes

Buttons are the perfect inspiration for all kinds of decorations, ornaments, and accent pieces in the garden. Here are some of the fun ideas to get you started!


You can leave the buttons in a huge mixed pile or separate them out by color. I had an unused drawer organizer that is made for screws and hardware in the garage so I took a few minutes and put them in individual drawers by color. It did make the creating process go smoother!

Button Tree Decorations

  • Choose 7-8 buttons of graduated size
  • Cut a piece of craft wire about 18 inches long
  • Attach each button from the bottom up
  • Make a loop at the top and then twist around to tighten the knot
  • Cut off the excess wire and hang on a Christmas tree or plant hanger

I made several of these trees in fun color combinations to use for the garden but these would also be perfect for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers next year. It’s never too early to plan for the holidays!

I hooked a couple of the finished trees on a garden stand that I inherited from my Grandma years ago and then formed a loop to stick in the dirt and hold a couple of the others. They’re so much fun and bring such a touch of whimsy that I may make a few more for and spread them out in other flower beds.

Button Garden Stakes

To make the garden stakes, use a heavier duty crafting wire that is still small enough to thread through the buttons. Bend the wire around the buttons as you go and create a whimsical garden stake. There’s no right or wrong way to do this project. Just add buttons, twist the wire, and add a few more until you like the finished product.

I made three of the garden stakes and really like the way they look just popping out of the flower pot with the pansies. This is such a fun, easy-going craft that it would be perfect to do with kids (but I won’t deny that I enjoyed making them myself just as much as any kid!)

Have you ever made button trees for Christmas? Ever thought about using them to decorate your garden? What do you think? Are you ready to craft a few button garden decorations this week? I’d love to see how yours turn out!

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