Butchertown Market: Louisville KY

Have you ever visited a city and found something amazing almost by accident? We have been to Louisville, Kentucky hundreds of times but we have never been down to Butchertown. On one of our recent trips, we saw a sign for Butchertown Market and decided to check it out!

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Butchertown Market Louisville KY

Butchertown Market was built in the early 1880’s and was originally home to a leather tanning operation. Now it is home to multiple specialty shops where you can browse and purchase everything from chocolates, to home decor, to soy sauce made in bourbon barrels.

Butchertown Market Louisville KY

Butchertown Market, located on Story Avenue in the Butchertown area of Louisville,Kentucky, is home to an impressive list of businesses and shops. The building’s historical architecture provides a stately backdrop to the modern flair of its office, commercial and retail spaces. It’s ideally situated just seconds from downtown, close to access to all major highways, and features ample parking for visitors and tenants alike.

The Butchertown Market

There are several featured store areas in the Butchertown Market Shops. Each of the shops flows together from one to another. Not sure where to check out? Just ask one of the workers and they will point you to the right counter.

Butchertown Market Louisville Kentucky
Butchertown Market Louisville Kentucky

Once you finish browsing the Butchertown Market, take a few minutes and walk across the street and enjoy the murals across the railroad track.

Butchertown Market Louisville Kentucky
Butchertown Market Louisville Kentucky

Have you ever been down to the Butchertown community in Louisville? I know there is so much more to this area that we didn’t experience. What is your favorite memory or destination in the area?

Just a few minutes down the road from Butchertown, don’t miss the Heigold House Facade!

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