Building Tips from LEGO Master Builders

So you think you can build? Are you an aspiring LEGO Master builder? At LEGO KidsFest this past weekend, my son took the opportunity to interview LEGO Master Builder Chris Steininger. LEGO KidsFest gives you not only the opportunity to explore and experience amazing Lego creations, but you also have the opportunity to get hands-on tips from LEGO Master builders.

building tips from LEGO Master Builders Dan & Chris

We were walking around LEGO KidsFest when my son saw one of the LEGO Master Builders nearby. He walked up and did a quick impromptu question and answer session with LEGO Master Builder, Chris Steininger.

A little later in the evening we attended the Master Builder session with Chris’s dad, Dan. What are some things we learned?

  • Always build your structures with interlocking pieces. This gives them more stability. This was demonstrated with a wrecking ball created out of LEGO bricks of course.
  • Even though you never technically have enough LEGO bricks, you actually have enough to create amazing structures.
  • Make your structures hollow to keep the weight down. Dan showed us the Indiana Jones head and how it is hollow on the inside. Not only does this make the structures lighter, but also helps keep the cost down.
  • Use Technic bricks to expand your structures.

LEGO Building Resources

Did you know that there is a special type of graph paper that corresponds 1:1 directly with LEGO bricks? If you don’t have that paper, you can use standard graph paper to get you started.

LEGO Digital Designer
Design and create your own custom LEGO models.

Building Challenges
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