Building our First DollHouse Room

I have a friend who loves dollhouses. Not just the toys that little girls play with, but real miniature masterpieces. In fact, she opened the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, KY a few years ago. That place is a dollhouse lovers dream! My daughter  is old enough to start creating her own real miniature dollhouse. So when I was given the chance to review the Miniature DIY Grocery Kit from Wholeport, I jumped at the chance.

This may be the first experience at building our first dollhouse room, but I definitely see more of this in our future.

Building our First DollHouse Room

The kit comes with all the pieces in little ziploc baggies. The instructions are in Chinese. And yes, that does make it a little challenging. But my daughter and I are pretty smart. We were able to follow the illustrations and figure it all out. (and what we couldn’t figure out, we just got creative and made it up as we went along).

We started out with the front wall. You literally build this thing from the very basics. The kit does come with a bottle of glue, but we had a problem with that glue and ended up spilling it out accidentally. No problem. We just poured some liquid glue on a plate and used a q-tip to paint it on the parts.

grocery dollhouse room

Making the awning was pretty easy. We just folded the fabric and cut some random scallops. Then glued it to a piece of cardboard.

grocery awning
We didn’t really follow a particular pattern to build the grocery.  While one thing was drying, we did other pieces.  There were little bits of scrap paper and material to make bags and boxes.  We finally did get out the glue gun to some of the pieces.  This made the process much quicker.  We attached some little rope pieces to make a bag and then stuffed in some cotton batting.  This made a great little grocery bag.
grocery bag
Making the little flour sack was easy and fun.  We glued pieces of the bag together and stuffed them with more cotton batting.  There were little labels to attach to some of the bags.
grocery flour

This dollhouse actually uses hinges to connect the walls. This gives you the opportunity to actually open the front wall so you can move the pieces around.  I have to admit that I have never actually had to think through how hinges work.  We didn’t make them perfectly straight, but the front wall can easily open and close.

grocery hinge
grocery insides
This was such a fun project to work on together.  We loved cluing in the wallpaper, window, decorations and little movable shelves.  Is it perfect?  Of course not!  But was it a great experience?  Yes, definitely!  I think we may have to put a full dollhouse on the Christmas wishlist soon!
Have you ever built a dollhouse from the ground up?  Got any great tips or stories?  We’d love to hear!
first dollhouse room

We received this kit from Wholeport in exchange for this review.  No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. I found myself enthralled with this review. I’ve never built a doll house room but you made it look simple and fun. What a great bonding opportunity for you and your daughter 🙂

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