Bring the Flowers Inside

Don’t you just love the flowers in your yard? Many of the flowers that are beautiful in the yard are just as pretty on your table or counter. I love having fresh cut flowers in my kitchen. It just brings such a cheery feeling to any room when you see fresh flowers. So, yes! Love your flowers in your yard. But don’t forget to bring the flowers inside so you can enjoy them while you are working!

Bring the Flowers Inside

bring the flowers inside

I have had fresh flowers on my kitchen table every day for several weeks. First it was the bright yellow, sunny daffodils that first bloomed. Then it was a mixed vase of whatever color daffodils were blooming.

My daughter creating a centerpiece!
My daughter creating a centerpiece!

Sometimes it’s fun to mix the colors and have a rainbow of tulips to enjoy while I am washing dishes.


And other times, I love the simplicity of the single colored, clusters of daffodils.

daffodil centerpiece

I’m looking forward to later this spring when I’ll be able to bring in the sprigs from the Butterfly Bush and then later on the bold colors of the Lilies.

Summer Bouquet
Summer Bouquet

What are your favorite cut flowers to bring inside? Got any tips on keeping them fresh longer? I’d love to hear!

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