Breyerfest 2014 Silver Jubilee – Lexington, Kentucky

Who would travel across the country for a plastic horse? If you are one of the thousands of Breyerfest model horse enthusiasts in Lexington, Kentucky this weekend you know the answer to this question. Breyerfest fans from all across the country traveled to the Kentucky Horsepark for the Silver Jubilee 25 Year Celebration of Breyerfest. This is one of those ‘don’t miss’ events that collectors and horse lovers of all ages look forward to every year.


Breyerfest 2014 Silver Jubilee – Lexington, Kentucky

This is our 2nd year to attend Breyerfest. Read all our tips for first time visitors and then see what all we enjoyed this year at Breyerfest 2014!


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Painting Stablemates

Don’t miss the chance to have the kids paint their own Stablemates in the Craft Tent. This is free for kids; $1.00 for adults. Once you finish painting, just leave it to dry and you can come back and pick it up before you leave.


Breyerfest is more than just a horse show or a chance to buy your favorite plastic models. Although you can definitely enjoy all that comes with the name, the day is full of an assortment of activities. Kids will want to take the time to play at the Tonka tents, run the jump course, spend time at the petting zoo or take pony rides. There is so much to do that you will definitely need to spend the day or an entire weekend!

kids jump course
tonka tents

Splash Dogs

Breyerfest is not just for horse lovers. Another great event is the <” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Splash Dogs. Sit in the stands and watch dogs of all breeds see how far they can jump in the pool.

Knights of Valour

One of the highlight shows of the weekend is Shane Adams and the Knights of Valour. This was the first time our family has ever seen a jousting event. Shane and the team made this part of the day a memorable event.

Witness the hard-hitting jousting and sword fighting of the incomparable Shane Adams and Knights of Valour! Trusty jousting and medieval games steed, Athos, makes his Breyer Model debut as a Silver Anniversary Store Special!

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Have you ever been to Breyerfest? What’s your favorite part? I’d love to hear!

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