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Breakfast on the Go with Nutri Grain Bars

What does breakfast look like at your house? For me, I try to eat a bowl of cereal, a serving of fruit and drink a cup of coffee. But there are some mornings that I just barely get everyone ready and in the van on time. I can forget about sitting down for a cup of fruit or bowl of cereal. It’s those kind of mornings that I love having granola bars on hand so I can eat on the way to school. This past week I received 2 boxes of Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars.

Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast on the Go with Nutri Grain Bars

When we have a typical morning, we sit at the kitchen counter eating breakfast and getting everyone ready for the day. But on those ‘other days’, things get a bit more hectic. That’s when we need a healthy, quick alternative. Nutri-Grain® Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars contain 4 grams of protein and a hearty combination of real fruit and whole grains to help you not only survive but thrive all morning.

Breakfast on the Go

Since Nutri-Grain Harvest Bars are made by Kelloggs, you can get rewards with every purchase. Just log in to Kelloggs Family Rewards Website to enter the codes and start earning coupons, discounts and perks.

Breakfast on the Go

Tips for a Smooth Morning

How do you make sure your mornings run smoothly? We always have the clothes ready the night before, the backpacks packed and the coffee set. But with 3 kids, there are always hiccups. At the last minute, one of the kids might remember that they need to wear a particular color for Spirit Week or take an extra drink for a Snack. It’s on those mornings that we need to adjust our breakfast schedule.

  1. Lay out clothes the night before.
  2. Go through backpacks as soon as school is out so I will see permission slips and money requests.
  3. Set the coffee at night so all we have to do is push start.
  4. Make sure supper dishes are done at night and toys picked up before bed.
  5. Don’t push snooze.
  6. If there are special things the kids need to take for school, leave the items on the counter or in the backpack.
Breakfast on the Go

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Do you have back up plans in place for when things get a little hurried? I’d love to hear your tips for making mornings go smoothly!

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  1. so happy more and more brands are excluding high fructose corn syrup!! these look so good, we will be picking some up at the store soon

  2. I love Breakfast bars. I have never seen these before. The next time i go to the store i am going to look for them.

  3. I have tried both of these bars and LOVE them! I got a free sample at Kroger and ate the strawberry one the next morning for breakfast at school……I’m hooked and they keep your full!

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