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05 Jun

How to Become a Book Reviewer

Do you love to read? Are you interested in getting free books to read (and keep or giveaway)? I am a bookworm – always have been. Over the past few years I have teamed up with many publishers, authors and companies to read and review hundreds of books! If you are already reviewing books, maybe some of these tips will help you find new books. If you are new to this, then welcome to the exciting hobby of Book Reviewer!

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How to become a book reviewer

How to be a Book Reviewer

If you are interested in reviewing books, you need a place to post your reviews. That means you have to start another hobby – blogging! But don’t worry, it’s very easy to get started and you can get a blog started for FREE without having to shell out lots of money! Hop over here to see how to start a blog in 2018

Now that you have a blog, you’re ready to get started with the world of reviewing books and become a book reviewer.

Find the Books

  1. Start with what you already have on your shelf. In order to get started with some companies, you need to prove that you can write reviews. So start by reviewing the book you just finished reading.
  2. Use your Library. Check out a few new books and review them. Again, you are just proving to the publishers that you will be contacting that you are serious about reading and writing reviews.  People love to read about the brand new books on the New York Times Best Seller List.  If you need an idea of where to start, hop over and get inspired!

Once you’ve gotten some reviews posted, you are ready to apply to some programs. I currently work with many companies that offer free books in exchange for a fair review and promotion.

Need more resources? Check out these books: How to Write a Review (Explorer Junior Library: How to Write) and The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing available on for print or mobile device.

 Christian or Religious Fiction/Non Fiction Books

Contact the publisher

Sometimes I find a book that looks really interesting. I look to see who published the book, then google to find out the phone number or email of that publisher. I will contact the publisher and just ask for a review copy. Sometimes this works. But it’s worth a try if you are wanting to read the book.

Contact the author

I have found several books in the last few months, by just simply asking the author if they would be willing to send me a copy of their book for review. I email them my blog address and tell them that I will run a giveaway after I review their book. Then I send my readers to their website and facebook page. This gives the author the opportunity to gain new followers and visibility.

Updated to include my daughter’s experience:
A few years ago, my daughter discovered a new book series – Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek (Faithgirlz / The Good News Shoes). She fell in love withe book so she decided to contact the author! You can read her interview with author Jill Osborne here.

Recently I contacted a local author and offered to do a review and giveaway on her new release. I saw an article in our local paper, contacted her and offered to read a copy of her book in exchange for helping her promote it with a giveaway.

Tips for a Good Review:

I always try to give a balanced review even if I can’t give a positive review. Each book has something good. There was only 1 book I read in the last 3 years that was absolutely horrible. I couldn’t even find one good thing about it. I contacted that author and told them that I could not honestly give it any kind of positive words. That author and I agreed that I would just keep (or toss) that book and not even post the review. Since it was an ebook, I just deleted the file and moved on.

When I get a book personally from an author, I try to remember that this book is their “brainchild” and they have spent months or years of their life writing this. So before I agree to review any book, I look carefully to see if it is something that looks promising and enjoyable.

Book Giveaways

Free Book Giveaways on Facebook is a collective page where authors, bloggers and publishers can list free book giveaways are going on. Usually, book giveaways are low entry, so the odds of winning are great.

Want to find even more FREE Books? Check out this article of Where to Find Free Books


What about you? Do you review book? Where do you get them and where do you post your reviews? I’d love to check them out.

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Do you love to read? Are you interested in getting free books to read (and keep or giveaway)? I am a bookworm - always have been. If you are already reviewing books, maybe some of these tips will help you find new books. If you are new to this, then welcome to the exciting hobby of Book Reviewer! #books #book #wheretofindbooks #freebooks

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  1. LibbyLongstocking

    June 5, 2011


    I love you blog! Thank you for sharing this, I love to read articles like this. I am a new book blogger and it would mean a lot if you checked out my blog.

  2. Suzanne

    June 5, 2011


    Review books! Why have I never thought of this before?? I read a lot and am a librarian. Thank you for these great tips. I look forward to following you and pursuing this!

    • Sharon Williams

      June 5, 2011


      Being a librarian is a great place to get new books! Happy reading!

  3. Kathryn Miller

    June 5, 2011


    I love this idea and I look forward to following you.

  4. Angelica

    June 5, 2011


    Thanks for all the great tips! I have just started to review books and was considering blogging to! The Reading Room also has advance copies that you can sign up for and all they ask as well is for an honest review.

  5. Megan

    June 5, 2011


    I love the free book giveaways on I’ve personally won 4 giveaways (out of several), but hey, free books. All they ask is that you leave an honest review when you’re done.

  6. Kellie

    June 5, 2011


    I am an avid reader. This sounds perfect for me. Thank you for the information!

  7. samona

    June 5, 2011


    Which is the best blogging website

  8. Lori

    June 5, 2011


    Hi, I review almost every book I read on Amazon. My user name is; Alenya. I have also just started reviewing books on a group board on, Pintrest. The board is called, “Book I’m Reading Now”, I think.
    Thanks for these suggestions! I’ve always wondered how people get offered advance readers copies! : )

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