Book Art & Free Printables for Readers

I’ve always loved to read and am very thankful that our kids have grown into strong readers themselves. People who read are people who dream and have big ideas. To celebrate this love for reading, I’ve created and gathered some great book art and free printables for readers so you can help share that love of books with others in your life!

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For Christmas this past year, my son wanted to get his sister something that she would love but he only had a $5.00 budget. (read about our $5.00 gift traditions here). He knew she loves to read and decided that something to decorate her room would be the perfect gift. We printed two book quotes, taped them each on a piece of scrapbook paper and inserted them into frames from the closet that we weren’t using. This super frugal gift idea turned out to be quite the success!

Readers love to show off their hobby by decorating their walls, displaying book quotes on notebooks and wearing them on the front of their t-shirts and hoodies. All you need is some inspiration and a little bit of time and you can create some amazing book art and gifts for readers.

Here are some free printables for book lovers and some ideas to help you find the perfect gift idea for the reader in your life!

Print Your on Book Art

How to use these printables: Simply click on the image(s) you want to use, save them to your computer and print them. You can then slide them into a frame and hang on the wall!

Frugal tip: Use frames from your garage or go to the local thrift store to find some cheap frames. Or you can order a frame like we used from!

If you have a cricut or special printing machine, you can download free SVG files and create projects with vinyl or iron on. This allows you to make tshirts, custom coffee mugs, or word art to decorate your walls.

Printable Bookmarks

If bookmarks are what you are interested in, then check out these printable bookmarks inspired by your favorite books and characters. Use contact paper to help the printed bookmarks last longer!

Free Printables

Whatever your project, you can find inspiration with these free printables!

Have you ever printed book art or bookmarks? What is your favorite book quote? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Cute!! I need to print some Harry Potter bookmarks for my daughter. I can’t tell you how many times she has read them!

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