Blue Jean Quilt Topper


Remember all those blue jeans I’ve been saving and cutting into squares? This weekend, I finally started sewing them together to create the blue jean quilt topper. Since I already had all the blocks cut out, it was a fun project to start sewing them together into strips. Join me as I turn these stacks of denim squares into a quilt topper.

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Blue Jean Quilt Topper

For years, I’ve been collecting old blue jeans and cutting them into squares. I’ve been storing them until I had the perfect time to start piecing the topper together.

I laid all the denim squares out on our ping pong table and then started sewing the strips together.

This denim quilt topper will be the perfect size for a twin bed. I decided to not make it larger than that because of the weight of the denim. Once I decide on what color sheet I’m going to use for the backing, I’ll decide if I want to extend with any additional denim squares.

For now, I’m excited to have my blue jean topper just about complete. What color would you suggest I use for the backing? I don’t want to go with white. Instead, I’m thinking about something red. Maybe like this?

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