Blue Jean & Flannel Rag Quilt: Week 1

I love getting into new projects and with the social distancing and new schedules we are living under, now is the perfect time to work on a blue jean and flannel rag quilt project I’ve had on my bucket list! This project doesn’t require a trip to the store, cost you any extra money plus it’s easy enough that anyone can make it! If you have old blue jeans, flannel shirts or pants, and a sewing machine, you’re on your way to the coziest blanket you can imagine!

Join me for a weekly check-in to see the steps to create this blue jean-flannel quilt!

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Blue Jean & Flannel Rag Quilt – Week 1

My Grandma made countless quilts and afghans in her 98 1/2 years. Every time we got together, we would dream, plan and talk about our latest project. We would pull out our quilt blocks or skeins of yarn and plan out the next design. One of the projects she had on her list that she never got to finish was a blue jean quilt.

Sharon and Grandma working on quilt

I have been saving old pairs of blue jeans and flannel pants for a while now and decided that this year was the time to get started.

Materials Needed

  • Blue Jeans of all shades of blue
  • Flannel Pajamas or shirts
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Template (Cardboard or Plastic Craft)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread


  • Gather your old blue jeans and flannel
  • Decide what size you want to make your blocks. I have two sizes because the jeans are not all the same size and I don’t want to waste any of the material.
  • Make a template out of a cardboard box or piece of plastic craft.
  • Cut your fabric into squares. I don’t know yet how many I’m going to need for this quilt. I’m just cutting fabric and making the squares and will see how big it ends up being at the end.

This weekend I’m planning to finish cutting my squares so I can start making “sandwiches” with the flannel and denim squares for the next step.

Have you ever made a rag quilt using denim and flannel? Any tips as I get started on this ‘quarantine quilt’?

A few years ago I used flannel and made a small lap blanket size rag quilt. Take a look at what I learned from that one and see how nice it turned out!

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