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Last March I was spending the weekend with my Mom when I noticed something. She was overly tired, her face was flushed and she just didn’t seem right. She had undergone some hand surgery recently and was in the recovery process so we understood that she would be tired. But when I did some more digging and questioning, I discovered that her blood pressure had been up significantly at her recent follow up visit.

I immediately started looking for a blood pressure monitor so we could make some decisions.

Why I think a Blood Pressure Monitor is Important

I know some of the symptoms and risks of high blood pressure and wanted to see what her numbers were but she didn’t have a blood pressure monitor at her house. Guess what I did immediately? I went straight to the closest pharmacy and bought a blood pressure cuff. We checked her numbers and discovered that they were dangerously high. This was a no-question situation. Fortunately, she agreed to be checked out by a medical professional immediately.

Sharon and Mom, Ritchie
Sharon and Mom, Ritchie
After spending 2 days under doctor care in the Critical Care Unit, she was released and is now doing great. I am proud to say that she has made some lifestyle changes and is living a full life free of blood pressure issues. But there is one thing she does every day. She checks her blood pressure to make sure her numbers are staying in the healthy range.

Owning a blood pressure monitor in our homes is as important to our family as having a coffee pot. My husband and I regularly check our numbers and keep a close eye on them. You can purchase a wide range of blood pressure monitors but the most effective monitor is the one you will use. Whether you choose a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor that is voice activated like this one from Ozeri or choose one that is a little more basic, the most important thing is to do it the right way and check your numbers regularly.

Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

I received this Digital Monitor to review and help promote the importance of heart health and blood pressure awareness. The Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series BP5K Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is voice activated and helps you position your hand correctly. When I tried it out, it told me how much to lower or raise my arm to make sure I had my wrist in the correct position. This model does not have an arm band like other traditional monitors. You simply clip it around your wrist and then push the start button. It can store multiple readings and will help keep an accurate record of the results.

I liked the compact size and the hard plastic case that comes with it for storage. I don’t know if this wrist monitor is as effective as the ones they use in the doctor’s offices, but I do know that if you have something like this in your home to use regularly, it can make a difference in your personal health. There’s just something about checking your blood pressure to help you make wise healthy choices.

ozeri-blood pressure-monitor-with-case

Today my Mom is celebrating her birthday! I am so honored to be her daughter and have her on this journey of life with me! Happy Birthday Mom! I sure do love you!

Do you check your blood pressure with a home health monitor? Do you think this is important?

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