How to Give Birthday Money to a Teenager

Recently our son turned 13! It is a big birthday! But if you have tried to plan a gift for a teenager, you know that it can be tough! My son had a list of things he wanted but nothing really clicked for me. I decided we just needed to give him money and let him decide how to spend it himself. But I still wanted to find a way to make it a fun birthday. That’s when we decided to give him birthday money balloons!

money to a teenager

How to Give Birthday Money to a Teenager

When he came to the table for his ‘party’, just imagine his surprise. He looked around and for the first time in 13 years, there was only a present from his siblings – nothing from us! Then he realized it must be a scavenger hunt! Ah yes, Mom and Dad are going to make me hunt for my present. Then we told him that his present was already on the table. What???? I could see his mind racing…. “Had Mom and Dad really lost it? No presents for my birthday?”

this is your birthday present

Amid much giggling from his sister and brother and confused looks back and forth, he finally picked up the balloons and started examining them. Then it hit him! He was going to have to POP the balloons to get to the presents!

popping the balloons

Preparing the Balloons

We figured out our budget and went to the bank to pick up the dollar bills. I knew I was going to have 13 balloons – one for each year of his life! I tightly rolled several dollars and slid them inside the balloon before blowing them up. Once it had enough air, the money just dropped right down inside balloon.


To make it a little more festive, I also dropped in some sparkly confetti in some of the balloons. That way when he popped the balloon, there was an explosion of color and confetti all over him and his siblings!

Birthday Coupons

We didn’t want to just fill the balloons with money. There needed to be some gifts as well; so I made several coupons.

birthday coupons

You can print these birthday coupons and customize them for your next party!

birthday coupons

How do you keep birthdays exciting when you are giving money? I’d love to hear your ideas because we’ve got alot of teen birthdays coming up in the next few years!

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