10 Best Ways to Learn about Famous People

I will never forget my 4th grade introduction to biographies. Every morning before school started, I would stop by our school library on the way to my class and check out a new biography. Then I would read the new book that night. Yes, I am and have always been a fast reader. When I find a good book I just can’t put it down. I was in our library recently and found that not only do they have all the same biographies I enjoyed as a child, but they also have many more biographies for kids to choose from.

Biographies for Kids

My kids are growing into readers. The key to any child learning to love books is finding a book that catches their interest. We have challenged our 5th grader to read 12 biographies or illustrated classics this year. He just finished #3! He’s on the right path.

Take a look at these options. Maybe you can find a new option to bring history alive for your kids.

Great Artists Series

great artists

The Great Artists series of easy-to-read biographies offers and engaging and comprehensive look at the lives of some of the most notable artists of all time. Each book provides insight into an artist’s childhood, influences and works. From Impressionism to modern art, this series explores the artists’ unique styles and will supplement young readers’ art history curriculum. Taken from Book Depository Description

Getting to Know the US Presidents

getting to know us presidents

This is a series of books that present the lives of U.S. presidents in an entirely fresh way with his unique format–a blend of casual prose, historical reproductions, and entertaining original illustrations. For more information about the Getting to Know series, visit their website.

Graphic American Inventors

great inventors

Each volume includes a brief introduction, a main character listing, a timeline, and a fact-filled story of these influential people’s lives. The comic book format will draw in readers of all levels, and the engaging stories of what these people accomplished will have them hooked until the last page is turned. Description taken from Rosen Publishing

A True Books Series

true books

Explore the lives of some of the most important leaders and innovators in recent history with this exciting new True Book series. Fascinating text details the life stories and accomplishments of these world-changing figures, while photos provide visual context. Readers are also encouraged to think critically about these people’s achievements and how they continue to affect our world today.
I have to admit that my son loves the graphic novel series the best. He really enjoys the flat cartoon graphics. I really don’t mind him reading this format. He is learning, reading and being exposed to the lives of great people who influenced history.

Do you enjoy reading biographies? Are you exposing your children to the lives, stories and lessons of people that have lived before us? I’d love to hear your favorites!

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