Big Things, Small Town: Casey, IL

Do you love finding roadside attractions when you travel? Most of the time when we are on a road trip, we find one or two things in an area, take a picture and keep moving. But if you visit Casey, Illinois you can see many of these oversized real-life objects in one place. This small town is proud of its BIG Things as well as the 12 World’s Largest attractions. If you are traveling through central Illinois, this is a must-see stop! And if you are looking for a fun destination? Casey, Illinois is worth the drive.

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Big Things, Small Town: Casey, IL

From the minute you enter Casey, Illinois, you know you are in for some fun photo ops. Take time to enjoy each of the World’s Largest and Big Things!

All throughout the city, there are direction signs to help you find each of the attractions. While most of the attractions are located in town, there are a few that are out at surrounding businesses – like the pitchfork, golf tee, bookworm, and antlers.

Some of the attractions have signs to not climb or interact but there are others that encourage you to step in and participate in the art. Get stuck in a mousetrap, swing in the birdcage, or make it look like you’re picking up the pencil.

What World’s Largest objects are in Casey?

Climb the steps into the mailbox and see what it feels like to be the size of the mail. You can even mail a letter if you bring a stamp.

Don’t miss the opportunity to pull the rope on the largest windchime.

There are several restaurants and places to buy ice cream, coffee or soda as well as restrooms available to the public.

There is no bad time to visit Casey but some people might like it better when the weather is not quite so hot since you will be walking around the downtown area. If you have trouble walking, you can even take a tour trolley.

Model Tees LLC Trolley Tours started officially offering step on tour guides in 2023!  For special tour requests, please call (217) 932-5050.  The trolley tours take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.  The tour is 1 hour and the trolley can hold up to 10 adults.  Call for current pricing.  Reservations are accepted and highly recommended, but not required.

Have you ever visited Casey, Illinois? What is your favorite object you would like to see?

Looking for other roadside attractions? Check out these tips to help you find the best places to stop on your next road trip!

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