Big South Fork Railway


Yesterday, we decided to go ride the rails. We headed over to Big South Fork Scenic Railway in Stearns, Ky. This is a 16 mile, 3 hour ride into some of the most scenic parts of Kentucky you can imagine. We got to see cliffs, roaming creeks and river beds, go through a tunnel, learn about the coal mining history of that area of Kentucky and enjoy a great first day of Fall!

Big South Fork Railway

The ride goes out about an hour, then you get about 1 1/2 hours to enjoy touring the Blue Heron Mining Camp.

Big South Fork Railway

Big South Fork Railway Tips

  1. Tickets can be purchased online or in the ticket office one hour before departure.
  2. You may board the train 15 minutes before departure.
  3. Restrooms are available in the main depot as well as at the Blue Heron Mining Camp where you stop over.
  4. Concessions are open at the Mining Camp.
  5. You may bring a cooler, backpacks or snacks on the train.
  6. The train cars are covered but open so you can enjoy the outdoors.  There are several cars that are more closed in if you prefer.
Big South Fork Railway

The Blue Heron Mining Town

Big South Fork Railway

The Walking Bridge above the coal cars.

Big South Fork Railway

Displays at the Blue Heron Coal Mining Town

Live Banjo & Guitar Music while waiting to board the train

Big South Fork Railway

Displays at the Mining Town.  My  son thought it would be fun to recreate this photo,
but I couldn’t quite get serious.

Big South Fork Railway

Location & Contact

100 Henderson Street, P.O. Box 452, Stearns, KY 42647 | 800-462-5664




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