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One of the most beautiful places in Louisville where you can enjoy the view of the city skyline and get outside with the family is the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge in Louisville. This bridge links the Louisville Waterfront Park to Jeffersonville, Indiana over the Ohio River.

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge

The Big Four Bridge is located right on the Ohio River. You can park right at the base of the ramp and start your walk. The ramp circles around to the bridge where you can walk across the Ohio River right to the Indiana state line. Originally built as a railroad bridge in 1895, it now serves as a great place to enjoy time outside with family and friends.

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The Louisville ramp is approximately 1/4 mile and the bridge itself is approximately 1/2 mile for a current distance of 3/4 mile – 1.42 miles round trip, to be exact.

Playground and Waterpark

When you get done at the bridge, you can walk or drive over to the next parking lot and let the kids cool off in the waterpark area. There are restrooms on site but they are open and public. In our experience, this translates to some pretty stinky facilities.

Louisville waterpark
bridge restrooms

There are shady steps on the side of the waterpark area for adults to sit and relax.

bridge parents

Directions and Hours

Louisville, KY

Park: 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 pm
Waterplay area: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm, in season

Things to Know

  • Parking is free at any of the parking lots near the bridge.
  • Strollers or wagons are allowed and encouraged if you have small children.  The walk is very easy, but it may seem long to little legs.
  • If you go this summer, make sure you take along a water bottle.
  • You will know you are at the halfway point when you hear the music.  There were speakers playing fun circus music in the middle.

Have you walked across the Big Four Bridge?  Got any great pictures?  I’d love to see them!

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