Best Treehouses in the World


I’ve always been fascinated with treehouses! As a kid, my parents were always working to improve our backyard fun. We always had the coolest playhouses, sandboxes and treehouses to play in. My parents were the kind of people who would willingly hand us the hammer, a bucket of nails and free access to any wood scraps we could find in the garage. Of course when my friend and I were finished building, they were sure to check out the general building effort and make sure we weren’t going to fall out of the treehouse.

Best Treehouses in the World

One of my Childhood Treehouses

My friend Christa and I had a ball building and playing in this “amazing” creation.

I even had a perfect reading tree. The tree limb was perfectly shaped for me to climb up and disappear into my own magical world of books!

My Favorite – The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Of course the best treehouse I ever dreamed of was the Swiss Family Robinson creation! When I was able to finally visit the Disneyland re-creation, I thought I was in heaven!

I did a little research and found this blogger who had rediscoverd the actual tree where the film and the treehouse were built in Tobago! How cool is that! Check out his pictures of the Swiss Family Robinson Tree.

Do you love treehouses? What’s your best treehouse you have built, played in or seen? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I recently saw a post on facebook where some young college kids were building their own amazing treehouse in the backyard. So, I think the treehouse obsession lives on for sure!!!

  2. I used to think if I could live in the Swiss family Robinson treehouse that I would have arrived in my dream home!!! lol

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