Best Shoes for Playing in the Creek

This past weekend we moved into our new house! The best part about our new house has nothing to do with the insides. It doesn’t matter a hill of beans to the kids if I get the boxes unpacked or the bedrooms decorated – they are just excited to have a creek in the backyard. My kids have played in creeks before but never in their own backyard! The first thing they did was grab their flip flops and head out to explore. It took about 2 minutes to realize that we needed to find some better shoes for playing in the creek. Here’s what we discovered!

SHARON - not the best shoes

Best Shoes for Playing in the Creek

We let them play the first day in their flip flops. But since you can’t always see the bottom of the creek bed when you are wading, throwing rocks, and building dams, you definitely need something that will cover you toes and protect the bottoms of your feet. You don’t want to accidentally step on a piece of glass, sharp rocks or even discover a hidden snake. Plus, flipflops get stuck in the mud and float away!

We headed to Walmart and found these great swim shoes on clearance for $3.00! Now the whole family is set. We can keep them in a bucket on the back porch so we’ll all be ready to grab them and go exploring.

SHARON - creek shoes walmart
SHARON - creek shoes family walmart

Now today when the kids get home and head out to explore, their feet will be protected and they don’t have to worry about what they might accidentally discover in the water!

SHARON - natalie creek

Do you love to go wading in a creek? What’s your favorite memory? Got any tips for the kids as they go exploring?

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  1. Check the dollar store as well I’ve found them at both for $1.00 before and I buy plenty of sizes for extra growth spurts that way

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