Getting Started with Metal Detectors

What are the best metal detectors to start with?

Metal detecting is a fun and relaxing outdoor hobby. Many people find that treasure hunting with a metal detector can also be a profitable pastime or hobby. So how do you select the best equipment to get started with?

First, decide where you plan to use your new metal detector. Will you be hunting in and around water or on dry land? There are a wide variety of land based metal detectors all of which include waterproof search coils. If you plan to venture deeper in to the water, you will want to select a model that is completely waterproof. Some underwater metal detectors are suitable for snorkeling and diving as deep as 200 feet under the water.

Next you will want to decide what type of treasure seeking you plan to do. Will you be coin and jewelry hunting or are you primarily looking for relics? Do you plan to look for meteorites or gold nuggets? Each style of metal detector is designed specifically for the specific type of detecting that you plan to do. For example, the best bounty hunter metal detector for searching for coins, jewelry and relics is the Bounty Hunter Platinum. This model features a jumbo LCD display that can even identify the type of treasure and depth before you dig it up!

Finally you will want to select your budget. Many hobby metal detectors start at under $200. You can also spend upwards of $1,000 or more for some of the top models. For example, Garrett metal detectorshobbymodels start at under $250 for the popular Garrett Ace 250 model. Be sure to factor in to your budget a few key accessories that you will need to get started.

If you are metal detecting on the beach, you will want to select a long or short handle sand scoop for retrieving your finds quickly. If you are hunting on the land, you will want a rugged trowel or recovery tool. In either scenario you will want to select a high quality metal detecting headphone. Headphones shut of the external speaker to provide privacy and let you hear the oldest, deepest targets.

Have you ever found any ‘treasure’ using a metal detector? I’d love to hear your stories!

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  1. My husband started this hobby last year and has fun finding treasures. The girls have fun when he finds something, too!

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