Beginners Guide to the Cricut Mug Press


Are you ready to take your crafting and DIY gifts to the next level? Cricut recently released a brand new Mug Press that lets you print your design using Infusible Ink materials and create dishwasher safe mugs that make perfect gifts for friends and family. Whether you are a pro Cricut crafter or a beginner like me, the Mug Press makes it easy to transform white mugs into custom top-level gifts. Here’s a beginners guide to help you create your first Cricut mug.

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Beginners Guide to the Cricut Mug Press

Materials Needed


When you first open your Cricut Mug Press, you will need to plug it in to a wall outlet and then attach it with the USB charger that is included in your box. It will walk you through simple prompts to activate your new machine. Remember that this is a heat press and does require a Cricut printer and computer.

Once you run through the activation prompts, you will disconnect it from the computer and not need to connect again. The Mug Press will operate with just a wall plug.

Create your Design

Using the Cricut program on your computer, create the design for your first mug. There are templates and designs in Cricut to make it easy to get started.

When you are done with your design, follow the directions to print on infusbile ink. (There is an option for infusible ink if you select ‘custom’)

*Remember to select mirror when you print your design.

Once your design has printed, you can use the weeding tools to get rid of the excess.

Make sure your cup is clean of dust and debris and then attach your design. Use pieces of heat safe tape to help secure your design on your mug.

Using the Mug Press

While you are working on your design, click the start button on your Mug Press so it will be preheating. Wait till the light is green before you place you mug in the press.

Lift and compress the lever to secure your mug in place.

The small lights will start blinking and start the transfer process. This will take approximately 6 minutes for all the lights to blink through the cycle. If they blink once and then stop, the Press may not have recognized the mug. Simply take the mug out and let it cool down and then start the process again.

When the lights have cycled through, your mug is done and it is ready to come out. Release the lever and pull out your mug by the handle. The rest of the mug will be very hot so set it on a heat safe surface and let it cool completely.

When the mug has cooled, pull off the plastic and reveal your final design.

My Opinion

Now that I have created two mugs, I’m hooked and ready to start on more gift ideas. The design really does become part of the mug with no option to scratch off any of the design and nothing to peel off. This is completely different than any vinyl or stickers that I have used in the past. For someone like me who has never used infusible ink, I am really impressed. Stay tuned to see some unique ideas for creating custom gifts!

Have you used the Cricut Mug Press yet? I’d love to hear your experiences and see your creations!

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  1. Sharon, Great Review. This new Mug Press is so exciting. I have just done one mug so far but am now looking for my next design.

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