Beginners Guide to Card Making with Stamps

Have you ever made homemade cards? I have an aunt who makes amazing creations with paper, stamps, ink and creativity. Her cards are works of art. There’s just something special about getting or receiving a homemade personal card, but I’ve never really explored cardmaking. If you are interested in learning to make cards with stamps, then here are some easy tips to help you get started.

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Beginners Guide to Card Making with Stamps

Start Simple

Do a quick online search for homemade card with stamps and you will find some amazing, elaborate designs. If you are a beginner like me, then don’t start there. Instead, pick something simple and create something beautiful.

There’s nothing easier than a one-and-done stamp that lets you use one design to start and finish the product. I love this Thanks stamp that fills the entire front of the card. Simply flip over the stamp, rub on the inkpad and place it on the front of the card for a perfect design – ready to sign and drop in the mail.

Tip: Flip the stamp on it’s back and rub the ink pad on the stamp instead of trying to rub the stamp on the ink pad. Then use tweezers to pick up the stamp and place it on the card.

Basic Materials Needed

Practice First

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I broke this rule immediately. If you have not used stamps and ink pads much, then you will find that there is a bit of a learning curve. Use a piece of paper and practice a bit before you start on your actual card or you might find yourself making a card that looks like this. Sure, it’s cute but it’s not super usable at this point.

Make Several Cards at One Time

Once you get in a routine, you might want to make several card at one time. It’s easy to crank out multiple cards in one sitting so I don’t have to take the time later on and make one individual card. Anything that makes my life easier and still lets me use creative projects is a win, right?

Don’t Worry about Perfection

The beauty of homemade cards is the individual look of each creation. Sure, you will have some cards that turn out better than others, but embrace the uniqueness of each one and don’t worry about perfection. If the first stamp attempt doesn’t turn out perfectly, then add another embellishment or stamp. With the thank you stamp, I added a 2nd layer on several of the cards and got a different look. When I had an ink smudge on some of the monkey cards, I simply added another gift box or bit of confetti. Remember that card making is a chance to create something special not a place to look for perfection.

Check out Stamp Chimp for exclusive stamps and dies to satisfy your creative cravings.

Clean Your Stamps

When you are ready to switch colors, make sure you clean your stamps. You can use a simple washcloth or papertowel, but the easiest way is to use a scrubber pad where you can rub the ink off before you use a new color.

Do you enjoy making cards with stamps? Got any tips for beginners who are starting their card making adventure? I’d love to share!

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