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Beginners Guide to GSSF Competition

This weekend my husband and I celebrated 22 years of marriage! Being married is an amazing adventure and I am looking forward to many more years with Shannon! But this anniversary has gotten me to thinking about how people celebrate this special event. Some people celebrate with a romantic candlelight dinner or a bouquet of roses, but we decided to do something a little different. We attended and competed in our first ever Glock Shooting Sports Foundation Competition. Since this was a brand new experience for us, I decided to share a beginners guide to GSSF Competition.

Beginners Guide to GSSF Competition

Beginners Guide to GSSF Competition


I highly recommend that you preregister online. This allows you to speed through the initial steps and get to competing as soon as possible. You simply sign in and pick up your labels. If you don’t preregister, you will need to stand in a possible lengthy line to pay and get registered for the day.

Arrive Early

We arrived at the Shooting Range a few minutes before registration began. By arriving early, you can get to the stages hopefully before the rest of the crowd and be able to compete before it gets too hot or crowded.

We did hear some experienced participants say that sometimes it is better to wait till around lunch time to arrive. This gets you past all the rush of the morning crowd and allows you to potentially walk right up and compete.

Sign in Immediately

As soon as you get your labels, go to each stage and sign in. When you are ready to actually shoot at each stage, you just put an x by your name and move to the top of the line. This will definitely help your day go smoother.

Be prepared

There are three stages at the GSSF competitions. You will shoot at each stage and then move to the remaining stages. Depending on the size of the crowd and how far you are down the list, you may be waiting a bit at each stage. You may want a chair, shade umbrella, bottle of water or snack while you wait.

Beginners Guide to GSSF Competition

Slow down and Aim Straight

GSSF competitions are timed and you are definitely trying to get the lowest time possible. However, since you get +10 seconds for misses it is always best to shoot slow and accurate rather than fly through the stage and miss the targets.

I know the question many of you are asking is which of us was the better shot at this competition? My husband skunked me completely overall…but.. I did manage to get the better time on one of the stages! And Yes! I’ll take that as a win, don’t you agree?

GSSF Competition Tips

Have fun!

This was our first Glock competition. We definitely wanted to do our best, but we knew there was no way we would be as good, fast or accurate as shooters who do this regularly and pursue this hobby.

We found that the GSSF competition was not just a single person sport. There were two couples working as range officers and multiple other couples as participants. Spending the day together doing something we can both enjoy is a great way to make memories and celebrate our anniversary.

Have you ever celebrated an anniversary with something a little unusual like a shooting competition? Got a favorite memory? I’d love to hear!

Thanks to the people at Rockcastle Shooting Center and GSSF for hosting a great day! The event was well organized and did a great job hosting this event!

Connect with Rockcastle Shooting Center on Facebook. See more pictures of the event

Connect with GSSF on Facebook.

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  1. Great article, Sharon! I wish I had been provided with a beginners guide like this before shooting competition matches. We used to enjoy a lot of matches in earlier days. I am enjoying the pictures a lot. You all look great in them.

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