Beat Writers Block: Get inspired by Media

Are you stumped about what you should write? Feeling the pressure to post an amazing article that will bring in thousands of eager readers for your blog but drawing a complete blank when you look at the computer screen? Maybe it’s time to get your inspiration from the entertainment industry. Did you just finish a great book? Watch a movie that you just loved? Have you found a band, artist or musician that just inspires you everytime you listen? Here’s an easy way to beat writers block by using media!


Beat Writers Block: Get inspired by Media

I write small mini-posts for a site called Bubblews. I often find my inspiration for these posts from the books I read and movies I watch. If you scroll through my posts over on Bubblews you will see some examples:


Questions to get you started

  • Why do I like this movie?
  • Do I think the author/director should have chosen a different ending?
  • When I listen to this band/artist/musician, what do I think about?
  • This movie would be perfect if only it ……
  • Does this music make me want to do something? be someone?  Am I motivated to be a better person?
  • I wonder what the author’s world view is?

    When I was reading the Divergent series, I wrote a quick article talking about the author Veronica Roth.  I really wonder where she stands on government and life.   I had a thought so I turned it into a micro-article.

Musicians, artists, directors, producers and authors are creating their work for many reasons.  But the side effect of all media is to make us think.  So why not take advantage of the movies, books, music and art in your life and let it inspire you to WRITE!

I can’t wait to hear what you are going to write about next!

Need some other writing prompts to get you started.  Hop over to see how a children’s book and a camera can get you out of your writing slump!



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