Life is better at the beach….

It’s time to make the transition from hot summer days to cooler temperatures. The time at the beach building sand castles and playing in the waves is over for another year. Now it’s back to school, routine, fall leaves and hoodies. But that doesn’t mean the memories are gone. I asked my friends to share their favorite pictures of the kids enjoying the sand, beach and waves. I think you’re going to love this collection as much as I do! Some of these pictures make you smile. Some make you dream big. Other pictures will take you back to another time when life was simple. Enjoy!

what will you discover

Life is better at the beach….

Do you agree that life is better at the beach? Do you have sand in your toes or saltwater in your veins?

life is better

Can you relate to this picture? The best dreams seem to come when you are standing on the beach with nothing but the waves slapping the shore and the water reaching to the horizon.

space to dream

It’s on the shore of the oceans that brothers build castles in the sand….

hale boys

…and sisters share their dreams and plans for life.


Life is good…. and anything is possible.

melissa v beach flip

One of my favorite family vacation memories was when I was about 11 years old and we spent the day at the beach. My parents didn’t take a watch and we had no agenda. When we got hungry, we snacked. When we were tired – we rested underneath the tent they made out of beach towels and sheets. I remember asking them if we had to leave yet and they answered with the question “Are you ready to leave?” When we emphatically told them “no!” they agreed that we could stay. We had no plans except to spend the day together enjoying the beach.

natalie 2009
life is good anything is possible

Whether you enjoy walking on the beach at sunset or sitting down to build a sand castle, there’s just nothing better than making memories in the sand with the ones you love.

You may have a favorite beach in Florida, Lake Michigan or South Carolina – but wherever you go, you know that all that’s needed for an amazing day is the sun, sand and waves.

kids at lake michigan
williams kids 2012

What is your best memory of playing at the beach? I’d love to hear!

This post is made possible by YOU – my friends who have shared their favorite memories! Thanks to these parents, bloggers and friends for sending me these amazing photos!

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