Basic Travel Safety Tips

Our family is always up for an adventure. Whether we are hopping in the van for an overnight road trip or spending time in the big city, we love exploring new areas. With all the concerns about viruses and quarantines, some people are canceling their travel plans, but by following some simple tips, we can hopefully stay safe and healthy while making memories!

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Basic Travel Safety Tips

Basic Travel Safety Tips

There are some basic safety travel tips that apply to all of us, whether we are traveling solo, with kids, or with the whole family.

Follow Good Habits

Even though you are traveling, don’t forget to follow good health habits. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer in the car and keep hand wipes handy. When you get done pumping gas, remember to clean your hands. When you arrive at a hotel or condo, use wipes and disinfectant to make sure you have a germ free environment.

Have a Plan

We have always taught our kids what to do if they get separated from us in a busy store or public event. They should stay where they are and we will find them! This applies to a grocery store or the New York subway system. It is always better for the child to stay put so we can come back to find them.

If they can find a policeman, someone who works in that store or a Mom with children at the place that they find themselves alone, then attach themselves to that person – but stay put. We don’t want to worry about them wondering around on their own looking for us.

Don’t rely on cell phone service as the backup plan

In today’s world, many children and teens have access to a cell phone when they are out in public. But the safety plan should not require a cell phone. Obviously, if they are separated and have access to a phone, then they should call you immediately. But not all places have full cell tower service. When my daughter and I were traveling the subways in NYC, there was no cell phone service in the subways. We talked about the possible scenarios before we arrived so we both knew what to do even if we got separated.

There are so many options for children to be able to keep up with their ID in case they are separated. Take a look at some of these child ID bracelets that look cool and could save your sanity and make it easier to reconnect.

Stick close

When we are traveling in big cities, the kids always know that we are probably going to make them link arms or hold hands when crossing the streets or boarding public transportation. It is too easy to get jostled in a crowd and get separated. Make sure everyone is ready to board the trains, buses or subways when you step on.

Keep money secure

A crossbody purse is a good way to keep your money and valuables secure. You can also use a small lanyard or pouch that will let you keep your money and cards inside your shirt and around your neck.

Tip: Don’t keep all your money in your wallet or purse. Spread it out in your suitcase or inside your shirt pocket so you won’t lose it all if your bag is stolen or lost.

You might want to consider one of these concealed wallets that lets you hide your money and documents inside your shirt.

Know before you go

If you are planning a trip to the city, study the public transportation routes. Know the general idea of how to navigate the buses or subway system. Get a working knowledge before you arrive so you will be able to quickly get a handle on the area.

Keep the Gas Tank Filled

It’s always wise to keep the gas tank filled whether you are home or on the road so you’ll be ready for any unexpected happenings.

Be a Wall Flower

When we need to consult a map or regroup for our next adventure, we don’t stand in the middle of the path. We back up to a wall. This not only gets us out of the traffic but also allows us a safe view of our surroundings.

Don’t announce your real-time location

When we are traveling, we don’t tag our location on social media immediately. If you want to announce to the world that you are eating a specific restaurant, wait till you finish your meal. Then tag the location on social media. There’s no reason to notify the public of your exact location.

Tip: If the whole family is out of town, you might not want to post pictures of where you are. Why announce to the world that your home is empty and ready for a thief?

Stay Charged

Don’t risk getting disconnected from family and friends while you are traveling. Use a portable battery pack and keep your phone charged.

How do you stay safe when you travel? Got any tips?

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