Basic Bike Skills

I have always loved to ride my bike and now my kids are learning to love their bikes as well. It’s fun to see them finding balance, speed and confidence on their wheels. There’s just nothing like the feel of the wind hitting you in the face as you coast down a hill or the feeling of accomplishment when you look behind you and realize you made it up the whole hill without having to stop and push your bike. What a rush! But with the freedom of riding of bike, there are some basic bike skills that everyone should know.

Basic Bike Skills

Pump up the Tires

This past week my kids got their first lesson in how to air a flat tire. I decided that if I had kids big enough to ride their own bikes, they were big enough to keep their bikes ready to ride. I showed them how to line up the valves so they could attach the pump and then air it up. It took about 5 minutes to air all three bikes and we were ready to ride. Bicycle Tire Pumps are easy to find and quite affordable. You can pick up a tire pump for less than $20 and save yourself some time and inconvenience.


Put on the chain

One common inconvenience on bikes is when you are out on a ride and the chain comes off. It’s not really a hard thing to reattach the chain but it take a little know-how and if you’re not careful you can get a bit greasy. Here’s step by step directions telling you how to repair a bicycle chain.

Know the Rules

    • Do you ride with the traffic or against? There are common rules that will help you stay safe when you’re out riding your bike where other cars are driving. Here are Ten Ways to Not Get Hit.
    • Here are some basic Rules for Bike Safety.

    Do you love to ride your bike? What are the basic tips you think all children should be taught to make them responsible bikers? I’d love to hear your best tips!

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