A Backyard Hammock for Every Style


Whether we’re ready to read a good book or looking for a place to get some work done, a hammock is one of the first things we wanted to have in our woods when we moved into our new house last summer. We ordered a Double Hammock so we could all enjoy relaxing down by the creek. Did you know that National Hammock Day is coming up next week, so let’s all share our hammock memories and favorite places.

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A Backyard Hammock for Every Style

There’s nothing quite like a Hammock in the backyard. If you need me during a work day, chances are you may well catch me working out in the hammock, at our picnic table or in the swing out in the backyard. The sound of the birds chirping, the creek gurgling and the wind blowing through the trees is always an inspiring place to work.

A few weeks ago I ‘caught’ my kids reading out in the hammock! I love knowing that they are enjoying being outside in nature while enjoying the adventure of a good book!


Eagles Nest Outfitters Nest Hammock

My niece and her friends love the ENO hammocks. These hammocks are lightweight and portable – most coming with their own travel sack and tree straps. You can pack the nest hammock on a hiking or overnight camping trip and sleep in comfort off the ground.


Other options for Hammocks

If you don’t have 2 trees to hang your hammock, then you might consider a Hammock with Stand. These hammocks allow you to have the relaxation and fun even if you don’t have the perfect pair of trees.

These stand alone hammocks are perfect for the porch or a yard with no trees. Stace from Newlywed Survival has a great peach iced tea slushie that she is enjoying in her deck hammock.


How to hang a hammock

Once you order your hammock, you’ll need to hang it between your 2 perfect trees. We ordered these Tree Hugger Set of 2 Hammock Straps to hang our hammock. I was a bit skeptical that they would feel secure, but they work just like they say. You simply strap them around the tree and tie them off. There’s no screws or nails into the tree.


Do you have a hammock? What is your favorite memory or place to relax in a hammock? I’d love to hear why you love hammocks?

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