Baby Shower Gifts for Under $10.00

I have a friend expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks! I want to do something special for her but I don’t want to spend a fortune. Sure, everyone knows that the most practical gift for expectant moms is diapers, but what’s the fun in that? Plus, it would cost more in postage than the diapers cost. Another option would be just to mail a gift card, but I want something more personal than that! So my daughter and I headed out to find something fun for these two special presents. We have come up with a super fun idea for baby shower gifts under $10.00

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Perfect Baby Shower Gift for Under $10.00

When I was pregnant with my youngest son, I remember my 2 1/2 year old daughter being very concerned that I have something pretty to wear at the hospital. She wanted me to have pink pajamas when her new baby brother arrived. So I went shopping with my then 87 year old grandma to find the perfect pink pajamas for the hospital. The other thing I wanted to make sure I had was lotion and body wash. My skin just stayed dry and parched. So now, when I plan a baby gift I remember to include something for the new Mom as well as the baby!

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Since it’s not very practical to pick out pajamas for the expectant moms, my daughter and I decided to find some good smelling body wash to send to these pregnant friends.  And of course, we wanted to do something to make the package fun!

We picked up some pretty pastel colored washcloths and Soft Soap body wash. Once we got home, the fun began. Have you seen the fun animals you can make with washcloths? We experimented with several different animals but soon realized that the easiest animals are the cutest.

How to Make a Washcloth Baby Penguin

The easiest washcloth animal is a baby penguin. It can also look like a duck, rabbit or chicken depending on how big you make the ears or beak.


Assemble the Gift Pack

Putting together a baby shower gift doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive project. Include a bottle of Softsoap Body Wash, a fun washcloth animal, and a little outfit.

Money Saving Idea: Watch the clearance racks when the seasons change. You can often find baby clothes for a dollar or less. Buy the clothes when you find them and save them back for future friend’s baby shower. You will save money and always be prepared for the next baby shower!

Most expecting Moms love to receive baby clothes for ‘the next size up’. If everyone gives newborn sized clothes, then the new baby will never be able to wear all the outfits.


I’m always on the lookout for baby clothes on clearance racks. I found this adorable little suit for less than a $1.00 last year when the stores were switching out their seasonal clothes. It’s going to be perfect for my cousin’s new little baby! And then I found some precious little baby girl clothes last year at the end of summer. I have had them hanging in the back of my closet for the perfect gifting occasion.


To finish off the baby shower gift, I put the baby clothes, little washcloth animals, Softsoap body wash and the card in a package ready to send off to Arizona, hopefully in plenty of time for the new little baby’s arrival! The gift for my cousin is now ready to go as soon as I see them in just a few weeks!

softsoap girls clothes

What do you do for baby shower gifts? Do you buy diapers, a gift card or something fun like these little washcloth ducks? I’d love to see the fun animals you can create with towels and washcloths!

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  1. The towels are adorable! I love that the gift is something for baby and mom! Very thoughtful! #client

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