Author Jill Osborne Interview by Young Writers

I’ll never forget the night I finished Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek, the opener to the Good New Shoes series. At the time, I was a third-grader just beginning to discover the wonderful world of books. The Good News Shoes was the first series that lit up my eyes with an excitement that lingered even after “the end”. It was this love that prompted me to contact the author, Jill Osborne, and set up an interview a couple of years later through email. This was the start of an ongoing mentor friendship between me and Jill.

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In fifth grade, a friend and fellow writer tag teamed this online interview with me and it was an exciting time to ask questions about her experiences as a published author and get advice on our own writing. Thanks, Jill, for taking the time to answer all our questions and help me on this journey to go from writer to published author.

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Author Jill Osborne Interview by Young Writers

So grab your notebook and get ready to be inspired and motivated to start writing.

Thanks to Jill Osborne for taking the time to invest in our lives! You are an inspiration to us and we appreciate you!

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It has been an honor and privilege to continue this mentor relationship with Jill. A few years ago we were able to meet in Jill’s hometown of Fresno, CA for coffee and more fun writing-related conversations.

Have you ever gotten the chance to connect with one of your favorite authors? What is the one question you would ask?

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  1. I really enjoyed it watching the video and really appreciate ‘sopenness and willingness to invest in the lives of these very special young girls. Great!!!

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