10 Apples Recipes – More than Apple Pie

Do you love apples? There are so many ways to enjoy apples, but many people get stuck in a routine and think that apple pie is the only recipe. Here are 10 apple recipes to help you branch out and enjoy the apples from your fresh farmer’s market!

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10 Apples Recipes – More than Apple Pie

Remember the classic movie, Disney American Legends? John Henry, Paul Bunyan and of course Johnny Appleseed are some of the American legends that our generation has grown up on. When our kids were younger, we would watch this classic DVD just about every week. So when I think about apples, I immediately start singing the classic Disney Johnny Appleseed Song in my head.

Now that apples are in season, it’s time to break out of our apple pie rut and start experimenting with some new apple recipes.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy apples? Apple pie? Apple Butter? Muffins? Cider? I’d love to hear!

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