Anne of Green Gables Inspired Cricut Mug Idea

I have always loved the Anne of Green Gables classic movies and am reading through the entire book series. I decided it would be fun to create a coffee mug inspired by one of my favorite lines from the books: “When you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worthwhile.Lucy M Montgomery. If you are also an Anne of Green Gables fan and want a daily reminder to ‘imagine something worthwhile” then this Cricut Mug Press idea is just for you!

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Anne of Green Gables Inspired Cricut Mug Idea

The choice of what we think about each day is so critical in how our day goes. I have a good imagination and can sometimes let that imagination run a little wild. So the decision to think about things that are worthwhile is a good reminder to me each day.

I remember what my Great Great Aunt Hallie told my Mom years ago when they were discussing one of Mom’s recent writings. “Ritchie,” she said, “only when you write about noble things will your writings endure the test of time…”

quote from Treasures of the Tattered Box: A Journey to Remember

This reminder and the quote by L M Montgomery remind me that I need to spend time imagining, writing, and thinking about things that have value and are worthwhile.

Materials Needed


  • Create your design or use my free design here
  • Cut the design (remember to mirror your design)
  • Weed out the excess ink paper.
  • Use heat safe tape and attach to your mug.
  • Place it in the Cricut Mug Press and wait for the ink to transfer.
  • Remove the ink and reveal your finished project.

Now you can use your mug for coffee, hot cocoa or tea or you can use it to hold some last fall flowers and enjoy it for a few days first.

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