Alphabet Teachers Mug Gift Idea


Did you know you can use your infusible ink scraps to create a custom gift for your child’s teacher? I’ve been collecting the letters from all the different mugs I’ve been making the last few months and thought they would be fun to use on an alphabet teacher’s mug. (If you don’t have scraps ready for this mug, then you can cut your own letters and create a super fun mug!)

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Alphabet Teachers Mug Gift Idea

When I create mugs, coasters, or ornaments using infusible ink, I always save the scraps and keep them for future projects. There are so many ways to recycle scraps to create fun projects. Today, let’s use our scraps to create a fun teacher gift.



Attach the letters to your mug using heat-safe transfer tape and insert it into the Cricut Mug Press. Remember that the tape needs to be on top of the letters. If there is any tape between the infusible ink and the mug, the color will not transfer to the mug.

  • When you have the design complete, then place it in your Cricut Mug Press.
  • Allow to cool and then remove the infusible ink.

Now you are ready to share this custom design with your favorite teacher!

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  1. Sharon, all of your mugs are super cool! I just love the teacher’s mug. What a joyful gift for teachers everywhere!

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