Creating Alphabet Photo Art

If you spend any time with me at all, you will know there are two things I never leave home without – my sunglasses and my camera. I love taking pictures of my life. Sometimes I’m focusing on my children’s faces or experiences we share as a family, other times I’m trying to frame the best shot of my tulips or irises. Here’s one photographer who decided to go a bit different direction. Jodi Gerber decided to take pictures of letters she found in nature and architecture. Jodi started finding and creating alphabet photo art.

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Creating Alphabet Photo Art

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I first saw a piece of alphabet photo art a few years ago and was fascinated. I love the natural look of the letters found in pieces of tree bark, the scroll work on a trellis or the frame of a building. This is a great example of an unique hobby that has become Jodi’s business.

Alphabet Photo Art


It began back in 2008 when I noticed a few objects that looked like they could be letters. I jodi gdecided to make all Christmas presents that year, so I set out to find just enough letters to spell out families’ and friends’ last names and present them in a 8 inch by 20 inch frame. After that, it developed into a small hobby/business when I’d receive requests to make one, usually as a gift for someone else. I kept getting feedback, “It was a GREAT gift. They loved it!” or “I love it in my house!” After many years in the portrait photography business, I decided to add these letter frames to my business.

Since receiving the download of the alphabet photo art, I have been looking at the world around me a bit differently. I have to admit that I did not realize how hard it is to find the letters of the alphabet in a natural setting.

I created this image to spell out our last name. I would love to have it framed and matted so I can display it in our living room.

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How to Buy

You can buy the Alphabet Series Images (includes over 800 high resolution images – Black & White AND Sepia) in CD format or download it from the website.

Have you ever seen alphabet photo art? Maybe you have a piece? I can imagine this would be a special way to create a card, display or wall hanging for a special graduate or even for Father’s Day!

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