All about Cherries

My Grandma came to visit last week and brought a big bucket of fresh cherries. Yep! This is the same Grandma who is 92 years old and loves her hobbies. She had been visiting with another family member and decided to go out in the backyard and pick a bunch of cherries to bring before she came for a visit.

That means we got to enjoy some fresh cherries!

All About Cherries

cherries and grandma

But I had no idea what to do with fresh cherries. So I did what any good blogger does. I did some research, took pictures and then wrote about my experience.

Get rid of the pit

Who knew there were different methods to pit a cherry?
We chose to just squeeze them and pop out the pit. It was a little messy but worked great.

Be aware of poison


Seems that the cherry pit is poisonous in large doses. Better watch to make sure we didn’t drop any pits.

Eat fresh!

My kids were so excited to wash a bowl of cherries and start snacking!

Freeze for Later


Make some Jelly

We decided to make some jelly! I’ve never had cherry jelly, but I think I can agree with my husband and kids – this cherry jelly is Delicious! There’s just a hint of the sour taste of the fresh cherries but it is blended with the sugar and turned out perfect!

What do you like to do with cherries? I’d love to hear!

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