All about Apple Trees

It’s late summer. It’s all about apple trees in Kentucky. I went out to a friend’s farm last week and picked apples. They were just hanging off the branches. We filled bags of apples; then filled a huge bag of the spotty ones for the horses. The horses loved them. Have you fed a horse recently? They sure do make a slobbery mess. Now I have plenty to start making apple jelly, fried apples, apple crisp, frozen apples for a winter cobbler and enough to get some cruncky snacks now!

All About Apple Trees


We have thought about planting apple trees in our own backyard, but just keep putting it off. Maybe we should plant one soon!

Want to plant some apple trees yourself?

Here’s a great post about when and where to plant apple trees.

Here’s some tips to help you find the right variety.

More about varieties and climate from the Old Farmers Almanac.

A video tutorial about How to Grow An Apple Tree from a Seed.

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