Ale-8-One Factory Tour Tips


Some people think that adventures can only happen when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, but if you hang around here long, you’ll see that adventures can happen most any time of the year! When the weather is too cold to venture outdoors, then it’s time for an indoor tour close to home. Recently our family drove over to Winchester, Kentucky to take a tour of the Ale-8-One Bottling Company. If you are a fan of local business and Kentucky Proud products, then you may already be a fan of Ale-8-One, but if not, I’m happy to introduce you to one of Kentucky’s treasures!

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Ale-8-One Factory Tour Tips

Ale-8-One Factory Tour Tips

We love taking factory tours that show us how local products are produced and distributed. It’s always fascinating to see the process from start to finish of some of your favorite products. And it’s even more fun when the tours are FREE!

If you are looking for a unique factory tour in central Kentucky, then Ale-8-One is the place to go. Here are some factory tour tips to help you plan your next family adventure!

Admission is FREE

Admission to the Ale-8-One Bottling Company tour is free; however, there is a gift shop where you can buy cups, t-shirts, magnets and all the Ale-8-One memorabilia you can imagine! You can buy your Ale-8-One suckers in the gift shop or order them online at Amazon!

Tour Tips

The tour lasts about 45 minutes and involves minimal walking. You start your tour in the company visitor center where you will watch a brief 10-minute video telling the history of the company and seeing the bottling process.

While you are waiting for the tour to begin, take some time to get your picture and look around at all the special prints that have been featured in the company Ale-8-One calendar over the years.

Ale-8-One-Factory Tour

You then walk out to the warehouse where you can see the bottles, pallets and beginning process of how Ale-8-One bottles are created.

Interesting fact: Did you know that the Al-8-One Bottling Factory also bottles for several other local colas in the Kentucky area?

Ale-8-One Bottling Factory Tour

The tour does not involve very much walking and offers time to snap pictures along the route. You can watch the bottling process from a safe viewing area.

Ale-8-One Bottling Factory

Ale-8-One Bottling Factory Tour

When the tour is over, you are given an ice cold Ale-8-One bottled here in the factory you just toured. You can drink it there, or pay less than a dollar to keep the bottle and take it home to drink later!

The Tour Guides

One of the highlights for us of any road trip is meeting the people who give the tours. On our tour, we were guided by Sarah who did a great job answering all our questions – whether they came from the youngest curious visitor or us adults.

Our tour guide Sarah at Ale-8-One


  • You are going to do a little bit of walking but there are only a few very small steps on the tour.
  • There is no age limit for the tours but if you have small children who would need a stroller, you should call before you go.
  • The tour is free but you are encouraged to shop in the gift shop when you leave.
  • When you make a purchase in the gift shop, you may receive a complimentary calendar (while supplies last)
  • Tours run several times a day, 3 days a week, but you must call and make reservations ahead of time by calling 859-744-3484. Tour Information
Ale-8-One Factory tour

Shipping Ale-8-One to the Military

Did you know that Ale-8-One will send 2 cases of Ale-8-One to military personnel overseas? You just pay the cost of shipping! Talk about a fun way to send your military family a taste of home! Read details about the Ale8One military program here!

Find the Ale-8-One Bottling Company

25 Carol Rd
Winchester, KY 40391
(859) 744-3484
Website | Facebook

Ale-8-One Bottling Factory

No time to get to a factory tour this week? Why not oder the How It’s Made DVD’s so you can watch from the comfort of your couch?

Have you visited a warehouse or factory tour recently? What is your favorite part of seeing how things are made? One of our favorite warehouse tours last year was to the Jelly Belly Warehouse in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin – less than an hour north of Chicago! And yes, that tour is FREE too!

Jelly Belly Warehouse Tour
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