Adventure Mom Loves Sampling Hobbies


Do you love trying new things? I know I do. I have tried my hand at knitting, crochet, quilting; love reading new genres of books; can’t wait to find the newest hiking trail out to a waterfall; love to go camping or try out a new project with the kids. But here’s a Mom who has taken the fun of trying new things to a whole different level.

Nedra is a Northern Kentucky Mom who writes a blog about her adventures called Adventure Mom. If you can imagine something fun to try, she has probably already done it at least once or has it on her bucket list of adventures waiting to be explored. Take a look at why she is always out trying something new!

Adventure Mom Loves Sampling Hobbies

My hobby is sampling hobbies. I really enjoy getting a taste of what the experience is like and meeting various subcultures of people who are passionate about a broad range of interests. A lot of times I don’t want to commit to specializing in a hobby but I do want to see what it’s like at least once. I know going into it that I won’t be great at it but I consider it an honor to highlight what people enjoy devoting their time to.

I’ve tried …and have not been very good at Moms hockey, roller derby practice, and underwater hockey. I’ve also tried the luge, curling, fencing, had an wolf encounter, ziplined in a cave, tried the trapeze, ridden in a pace car, taken a belly dancing class, aerial silks, family circus class, slept in a submarine, tried lawn bowling, gone white water rafting in downtown South Bend Indiana, tried fly fishing, participated in a crawfish boil, tried an Indian Cooking Class and the list goes on and on.

Adventure Mom

Curling is a really fun date night, hearing stories about rescued wolves from volunteers helped us understand why they gave up their weekends, and the aerial silks class display’s strength, flexibility and beauty.

I enjoy sharing adventures. They don’t have to all be extreme. They just have to be something that is not part of my regular routine that challenge me to mix it up and not get stuck in a rut.

Adventure Mom

Each time I conquer my fear of the unknown I feel more ALIVE and have more courage for the next adventure. My passion for living to the fullest stems from losing two family members and a desire to still challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone by trying new experiences.

Adventure Mom with Wolves

My blog has provided my family with a lot of incredible experiences together that are priceless. I’ve also been able to share several experiences with friends which has made our friendships even stronger.

nedra hiking

Life is better shared. Build community with others who share your interest.

Face your fears, live your dreams! Don’t let your fears stop you from living the life you have always dreamed of. The first step is to START! Sometimes the scariest part can be just showing up.

Adventure Mom

Don’t put off your dreams for ….some day… because time and health are not guaranteed and each day is a GIFT!

You also need to get started so that I can come and write about you!

About Adventure Mom

Nedra McDaniel is the Adventure Mom. Her website Adventure Mom was created to encourage and inspire others to try something new by highlighting adventures to try solo, with friends, family or on a date.

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So, what are you waiting for? Are you inspired to try something new? What is your first hobby you want to sample? I’d love to hear your ultimate top 3 adventures you want to try!

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