Learning about Abraham Lincoln on Family Trips


Happy birthday Mr. President! Today we celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. As our 16th president serving our nation during a very pivotal time, some would argue that President Lincoln was one of our most important presidents. Our family has taken the opportunity to visit quite a few historical sites with Lincoln connections. We feel it is important to learn about our history by actually visiting these places. Here are a few of the ways we have been learning about Lincoln on family trips!

learning about lincoln

Learning about Lincoln on Family Trips

Last weekend we took a quick road trip and of course we were going to see something historic along the way. We ended up stopping at Lincoln’s Birthplace in Hodgenville, Kentucky. There is a small museum and visitors center where you can watch a film, learn about his early life and see what the inside of his cabin would have looked like.


Off to the side of the museum, you can climb the 56 steps to see the replica cabin that sits on the site where Abraham Lincoln was born. We always count the steps and repeat the question of WHY are there 56 steps? Do you know that answer? Each step represents one year of Abraham Lincoln’s life! He was 56 when he died, so there are 56 steps!


Though the cabin is not the original building, it does sit on the site where President Lincoln was born.

lincoln replica cabin

We visited his homeplace in Springfield, Illinois and got to see Lincoln’s desk and even the couch where he was sitting when he accepted the presidency.

learning about lincoln

One day we chanced across a sign that led us to the Lincoln Homestead State Park where his mother is buried.

Lincoln Connections in Kentucky
Lincoln Homestead

What Kentucky resident hasn’t been to the state capitol building in Frankfort where we’ve rubbed his toe for good luck!

Lincoln's Lucky Boot
Lincoln’s Lucky Boot

How many Lincoln landmarks have you seen with your family? I’d love to hear!

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