A Place to Belong Book Review

Cassie Lockwood is struggling to figure out where she really belongs. She wants to make her own way and earn money to help the Engrstrom Ranch succeed, but she is feeling the pressure to marry Lucas Engstrom. When Lucas runs off and abandons his family, Cassie decides it’s time to get her shooting arm back in shape and do what she does best – be a sharp shooting star in a Wild West Show. A Place to Belong is a satisfying conclusion to the Wild West Wind series by Lauraine Snelling.

A Place to Belong

Loyalty, Family, Hard Work and Love – these are themes of A Place to Belong. I love seeing Cassie become the strong woman she knows she can be. She is not afraid of new things and hard work. It’s rewarding to see her succeed after a long winter of frustrating set backs.

This is a clean book with enough romance and adventure that it is a joy to read.

About the Book

As winter settles over the ranch, the Engstrom brothers are much on the mind of Cassie Lockwood. The way Lucas smiles at her should set her heart to tripping. But it doesn’t. Shouldn’t there be some attraction to him if they are going to be married? His vow to make her love him does not seem to be working, no matter how considerate and charming he is.

Ransom Engstrom is another matter. After Cassie’s train trip to a shooting competition, she realizes she misses Ransom more than Lucas. And then there’s the look she caught Lucas sending Betsy Hudson at church one Sunday. Are she and Lucas drifting apart?

Meanwhile, Ransom has discovered that he cares for Cassie but can’t bring himself to express his true feelings to her. When she leaves to join a Wild West show for the summer, will Ransom summon the courage to go after her?

About the Author

Lauraine Snelling is the award-winning author of seventy books, with sales of more than 2 million copies.

She also writes for a wide range of magazines, and helps others reach their writing dreams by teaching at writers’ conferences across the country. She can be found online at Lauraine Snelling.com

I received this book from Bethany Publishers for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review.

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