8 Tips for Your Next Flight

If you have flown many miles or spent much time in an airport, you are probably pretty seasoned. But there are some things you may not think about if you are relatively new to flying. We recently took a quick trip to Hawaii and spent some extended time in airports and I have a few tips for your next flight.

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8 Tips for Your Next Flight

Pack Snacks

Airport food can be pretty pricey but you can pack snacks in your carry-on suitcase. Each person in your group should have their own personal stash of snacks. Think about food that doesn’t smash. Carrots, pretzels, cuties, bite-sized chocolates, nuts, kool-aid mix or dried fruit make great carry-on snacks. If you get delayed for more time than you expect, you can always grab a sandwich from the food court but try to eat from your own supply as much as possible.

Stay Hydrated

Carry an empty reusable water bottle with you through security and then fill it up on the other side before you take off. I love my Seychelle water filter bottle so I never have to worry about the different water taste or contaminants when I’m traveling.

Dress in Layers

Airports and planes are often cool so dress in layers. Bring a light sweater and wear long pants. If you are wearing sandals or chacos, bring a pair of socks for the plane.

Bring a Blanket

I always pack a small blanket in my carry-on so I can use it as an extra pillow or provide extra warmth on long flights. Sure, some flights will offer you a blanket, but I don’t like to take a chance and not have one available.

Think about Entertainment

What do you plan to do on the plane or in the airport? Do you like to watch a movie, play games, or read a book? Some airlines provide inflight entertainment options but others don’t have that service. Think about what you like to do and be prepared with whatever you need to download before you board the plane.

Stay Charged

We all travel with our own charging cords and battery pack in our carry-on bags. If we have extended delays in an airport, we find a wall plugin. If we need a quick charge, a portable battery pack will keep us connected.

Tip: We travel with a multiport charger so we can use one wall plugin and get multiple devices charged. This gives other travelers access to the wall plugs as well as takes up less space in our bags.

Be Flexible

Remember that you can’t control the airlines. There will be times when your flights are delayed and you experience extended airport appreciation time. On a recent flight to Hawaii, we ended up getting to appreciate the San Francisco airport for almost 13 hours before we got to take off. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. You can let it stress you, or you can just take what comes and make the most of it.

And if that means you want to play your guitar while you wait…. everyone around you will enjoy it too!

Don’t Miss the Beauty

No matter how many times you fly, don’t miss the beauty. Enjoy the views. Open your window and appreciate the amazing things you can see each time you fly.

What is your favorite tip for flying a great experience? I’d love to hear!

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