7 Unexpected Things To Pack for Your Beach Trip

There are some things everyone knows to pack for a beach day. Most people know that they need to pack beach towels, chairs, beach umbrellas, sunscreen, and a sand bucket but there are some other important items that need to be in your suitcase when you head out on your next adventure. Here is a list of things that you don’t want to forget to pack for your beach trip.

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7 Unexpected Things To Pack for Your Beach Trip

Plastic Baggies

Plastic baggies are one of the most versatile things you bring to a beach vacation. You can use them to store seashells, pack a sandwich, or keep your valuables dry in the beach bag. Did you know you can even read on your kindle or check your phone when your device is inside a plastic bag? You can use traditional zipper bags or these heavy-duty Smelly Proof storage bags. They come in different sizes so you can match the bag to the job. Whether you want to collect wet clothes that you don’t want to drip in the vehicle on the way home or just something small enough for your kindle on the beach, there’s a bag for the job.

Tip: If you are using the plastic bag to protect your kindle or phone, then seal the bag before you hit the beach so you don’t trap moisture or sand inside with your device.

Sharpie Marker

I keep a sharpie marker in my purse at all times. There are so many occasions when I have used this marker in my day-to-day life. This marker also comes in super handy when you’re on a beach vacation as you can use it to identify water bottles in the beach bag or clear plastic bags for storing seashells.

Chafing Gel Solutions

There is nothing that stops fun on the beach quicker than chafing in uncomfortable places. The beating of the sand against your swimsuit can quickly move from a small nuisance to a serious issue. Save yourself a trip to the local pharmacy and pack a few items for prevention and after the fact cure. Here are a few options to get you started shopping before you leave for the beach.


Some people love to walk the beach early in the morning looking for the first shells of the day. Others love nothing more than drinking their cup of coffee on the balcony looking out across the ocean. Pack your favorite binoculars so you can scan for dolphins or try to identify a boat way off on the horizon.

A Favorite Throw Blanket

Remember to pack your favorite throw blanket so you can curl up on the couch and watch the beach from the comfort of your condo after spending all morning out in the waves.

Insulated Cup

It’s important to stay hydrated when you are spending time at the beach and it is really convenient to grab a plastic water bottle out of the case. But one of the problems with plastic water bottles is that they get tossed after one use and create more trash. They also get hot quickly when they are out in the sun. I prefer to use my Pirani reusable water tumbler. It has been with me everywhere since early summer when I first received it. I’ve had it on the farm, in the backyard, on picnics, and now even at the beach. My Pirani cup keeps my water cold all morning long!

Shell Bags

Shell bags come in a wide range of styles but at their basics they are all serves the same purpose. Look for a mesh bag so the sand will rinse out and a drawstring so you can carry the bag on your wrist. Collect all your favorite shells as you are playing in the waves or walking the beach.

What are the important items that you always take on your beach vacations that other people might not think to pack? I’d love to hear!

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