7 Tips for Yard Sale Success


It’s the middle of Yard Sale season. Everywhere you look, there are signs advertising garage sales, multi family yard sales and the opportunities to get a bargain. But don’t miss these 7 important tips to help guarantee yard sale success.

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7 Tips for Yard Sale Success

Take Small Change

It’s hard to get a deal for a buck if all you have in your pocket is a $10 bill. Carry quarters and one dollar bills so you will be ready to snag those bargains. Plus, this is the nice thing to do for the host of the sale. You don’t want to use up all their small change.

Don’t buy junk

If you see something that looks amazing, but doesn’t work, is torn, broken or has stains, think twice. Do you really need something that belongs in the trash? Is it worth spending your money on if it’s not going to function in your life? It’s true that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy junk that will clutter your life.

Remember that yard sale items don’t have a return policy and they are sold as is. Look carefully before you make the purchase. It’s too late when you get home to change your mind.

Check for Parts

It does you no good to buy a video game that is missing the game. A bread machine for $2.00 is a deal until you get home and realize it doesn’t have the parts inside that are required to make bread. If an electrical unit doesn’t have the cord, will it work for you at home? Look for any necessary parts before you make a purchase.

Know your Limit

Before you make a purchase, think about what the product costs in the store. I’ve seen people spend more for a yard sale bargain item than it would have cost them to buy it brand new. Be ready to walk away if the price isn’t right. Know how much you are willing to spend before you fall in love with an object. There’s nothing worse than getting home and realizing you overspent because you got too excited about your amazing find.

Be polite in your negotiations:

Sure, dickering at a yard sale is a normal part of the experience. But there is a way to negotiate that is respectful to both parties. Don’t offer a substantially less amount to the seller. Ask what they want for the product then counteroffer with something a little lower. They will often meet you in the middle – giving you a discount but they still make some money. If you can’t reach an agreement, then be ready to concede with a smile and a pleasant response. No one likes a bully. Remember, that you are on their home property and you are a guest.

Have Hand Sanitizer in the Car

In a perfect world, every yard sale would be a clean place full of amazing clothes, toys and home goods on nice neat tables. But in reality, there are some yard sales that just feel dirty and look like they are trying to sell piles of trash. I always keep hand sanitizer in the vehicle so the kids and I can clean our hands after looking around the yard sales.

Teach Kids Good Manners

We’ve all been to yard sales where parents let their kids play with all the toys and mess up the tables. Teach your kids good manners and show them how to look and not touch the items. Make sure kids know your expectations before you get out of the car so they won’t beg to buy something you don’t want to purchase.

Do you love yard sales? Got any tips for yard sale success? I’d love to hear!

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