7 Things to Know about Grand Marais, MI

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If you are looking for a beach experience unlike anything you typically experience in Florida or South Carolina, then Grand Marais, Michigan may be just the place. Located on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Grand Marais is an opportunity to experience a beach vacation and step away from the hustle of normal life. Here are some things to know about Grand Marais, Michigan, and help you plan your next vacation.

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7 Things to Know about Grand Marais, MI

Spend time at Agate Beach

Our favorite place while staying in Grand Marais was Agate Beach. Located within walking distance of our hotel is the best beach in the area. Head straight north to the lake from the main street.

There are ample parking spaces and a walking pier that takes you out to the beach.

Research or Simple Enjoy

Many people love to look for agates or yooperlites on Agate Beach. Whether you are looking for something particular or just want to admire the colors and patterns, there are many amazing rocks just waiting to be discovered.

  • You may want to wear tennis shoes or swim shoes if you are not comfortable walking on the rocks because they are all up and down the beach.
  • If you are searching for yooperlites, you will need a UV flashlight.
  • Once you. get home, you can use mineral oil to shine the rocks and bring out the colors.

Bring a Rock Bag

Agate Beach located in Grand Marais, MI is known for its amazing variety of smooth rocks. There are agates and even yooperlites if you know how to look! You are going to find many rocks that you fall in love with so bring a bag to collect your favorites.

Plan to Unplug

Cell phone and internet service are limited so make plans to unplug. Our motel had wifi but when we were out exploring we had many areas where we could not access any cell phone or internet service. Let your family know where you are going to be for your vacation and then enjoy the opportunity to not be tied to electronics.

Make Lodging Reservations

Grand Marais has limited lodging options and you need to make reservations ahead of time. There are no chain hotels in the area and you don’t want to arrive with no plans for lodging. We stayed at the Beach Park Motel and had a great experience. The motel was clean and comfortable and offered easy access to the local restaurant and beach.

Eat the Best Food

The absolute best breakfast in the town is found at The Breakwall. It’s a little pricey so work it into your budget so you can enjoy the best blueberry pancakes and french toast!

Explore Grand Marais

Take some time to walk around Grand Marais and enjoy the history of the town.

We can’t wait to go back to Grand Marais and spend more time just exploring the beach. Have you ever been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan? What’s your favorite area?

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