7 Hobbies that Can Make You Money

I love my hobbies but so far I haven’t been able to convert my hobbies into real money. I’m hoping that one day I’ll see a return on my investment of time that I devote to the things I enjoy doing. Maybe these tips from Daniela will help all of us think a little differently. Here are 7 Hobbies that Can Make You Money.

7 Hobbies that Can Make You Money

Did you know that there are over twenty million self employed people in the United States? That means that over three-quarters of US businesses are from self employed business owners who don’t have any employees, according to the National Association for the Self-Employed. There are lots of people out there who have created side businesses or full-time businesses on their own, and if you want to become one of them, look no further than your hobbies.

Your hobbies and passions can actually be a great place to start when looking for options for starting a side business. Almost any hobby or interest can be turned into a business if you’re creative, but here are just seven hobbies that you can use to make money – either on the side or as a full-time business.

1. Blogging
If you already have a personal or family blog, why not look into making some money off of your blog? It’s tempting to look at blogging as a get-rich-quick scheme, but the reality is that very few bloggers make six figures. Many, however, make enough to fund their Starbucks habit and any money they happen to put into their blog. There are tons of online resources about how to make money from your blog through selling ads, memberships, and affiliate products.

2. Arts and Crafts
If you’re passionate about knitting, quilting, embroidery, sculpture, painting, ceramics, or pretty much any other art or craft, you can definitely use your hobby to make money. A couple of money-making options for you are selling your crafts online and at craft shows or holding classes to teach others how to do your art or craft. It takes time to build a reputation for your brand, but many artists and crafters transition their hobby into a full-time living with plenty of hard work.

3. Photography
If you have an eye for photography and a good camera, you can start a photography business with very little overhead. You don’t even need a studio, as more and more of today’s photographers are specializing in outdoor, casual family and individual portraiture, anyway. Start your photography business by taking photos of your friends and family members, showcasing your best work on a great website, and asking for referrals from all your customers.

4. Music
If you’re an amateur musician, you can turn your hobby into some cash. One of the simplest ways to turn a passion for music into a business is to give music lessons. As long as you can teach others the basics of your skills and have a suitable place to give lessons, this can be a great option. Another good option is to perform. You may not get famous and make a mint, but you could make enough money to buy a new instrument by taking on gigs at local coffee shops and restaurants.

5. Fitness
If you’re the person everyone always comes to with questions about weight lifting, running, or fitness in general, turn this hobby into a passion. There are several ways to do this, whether you become certified as a personal trainer and work as a freelance personal trainer or get a side job at a gym. If you love yoga, for instance, you could spend some money on a yoga instructor certification course, which could give you the credentials to teach yoga classes at local studios.

6. Shopping
You don’t always have to lose money when you’re shopping if you turn your favorite hobby into a money-making endeavor. If you’re an experience shopper and fashionista, consider marketing your services as a personal shopper, or find out how you can become a secret shopper so that you can rate companies on their products and services. If you’re a great bargain shopper, consider checking out thrift shops and garage sales for great finds that you can mark up and sell on eBay.

7. Computers
If you’re good with computer hardware or software and make a hobby of building your own computers, consider marketing your services for computer repair or troubleshooting. If you’re good at teaching people about computers, you could even tutor others in basic computer and internet use or teach a class on Microsoft Office. Another option is to get into desktop publishing, where you can publish flyers and other documents for people who may not be as familiar with the basics of word processing programs as you are.

Most of these business ideas are budget-friendly, and you might need as little as a few dollars for business cards and a web domain to get started. If you feel that you need capital, though, remember that you can consider a small business loan or check out small business credit cards. Even if you’re only planning on using your hobby to pull in a few extra bucks a week, you’ll still be running a legitimate small business. Small business cards, as opposed to your personal credit card you might take out in your personal name, can have some extra advantages for you as a self-employed micro-business owner.

About the author
Daniela Baker is a mother of two who loves trying out new hobbies and crafts. She says starting your own side business is a great way to bring in some extra money, even if it only pays for the supplies you need for your actual hobby. Who knows? You may end up getting so busy with your new micro-business that you turn your hobby into a full-time venture.

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  1. Never really thought about making money with my hobbies. Thanks for idea! I am creative and active. I love walking my dogs. I rescue and rehab them when funds and time allow. Maybe I should have charged all these years…

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