6 Ways to Save Money with Cardboard Boxes

I love to find creative ways people are saving money and recycling the common things in their lives. Today, I welcome Matthew, who is sharing ways that cardboard can save you money!

If I told you that making use of your old cardboard boxes could save you money then you’d probably think I was crazy. Well, you can. In fact, that’s what this article is all about – saving money by using cardboard boxes. So, how can such an innocuous item prevent you from spending that extra little bit of cash? Here are six pointers that could save you a bob or two.

6 Ways to Save Money with Cardboard Boxes

Use them for storage

Perhaps the most obvious application of a cardboard box is to use them as storage for any type of miscellaneous items you may have around your home. But, remember, they don’t have to be deployed in their original state. Get creative and create whatever you need storage space for – how about a book shelf?

Check out this link by http://www.powerfulmothering.com/making-a-shelf-out-of-cardboard-boxes/

Keep them for future use

As long as you can find a space for them in your home that doesn’t completely clutter an area (perhaps a loft or garage area) then keeping hold of your cardboard boxes can be of benefit to you – or somebody else – in the future. When you’re moving house or taking some items to a car boot sale, for instance.

Use them for costumes

Perhaps you have a fancy dress party coming up – or your kids require an outfit for a party of their own. There are plenty of innovative and spectacular ideas out there for customising your cardboard boxes into some truly unique costumes for any type of occasion. Go ahead and make a Google search or, if it’s easier, check these out.

Sell them

Ok, so this article is geared towards saving you money but I suspect you’d also be quite fond on making some too, right? Of course you would. Believe it or not, there are avenues out there where you can sell your cardboard for cash. Have a look round and see where you can get the best deal!

You can check out U-Haul Box Exchange for details about selling and buying your boxes. Some recycle companies also buy scrap cardboard. Check your local recycle store for details.

Create custom decor

Decorating a room in your house with custom decor is proving to be quite the trend for many a homeowner and making the most of your unwanted cardboard gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Hop over to Pinterest for some cool yet extremely straight forward example of how to craft some custom decor from a cardboard box.

Use as a makeshift ironing board

Here is one for the students out there (or anyone who can’t afford a genuine ironing board, really). How about using a flat siding of cardboard as a makeshift ironing board? You may be surprised to learn that it works quite well – as long as your cardboard is both flat and sturdy, mind.

Matthew Wood is an enthusiastic and creative blogger who is experimenting writing on a number of different topics to help broaden and diversify his skill set. In his spare time, Matthew is a keen sports fan and enjoys both watching and playing soccer.

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