6 Things You Can’t Leave to Chance

In life there are some things that you can just sit back and hope they work out. Things like whether you remembered to make the bed, turned off the lights in the basement before you left the house or who the kids will get for their new homeroom teacher; but there are other things that just can’t go on autopilot. These things are not only important for you, but also make an impact on the lives of the ones around you.

6 Things You Should Never Leave to Chance

Clean laundry for kids:

When you have 3 kids in elementary, middle and high school there are many events going on in each of their lives. Making sure each child has the right uniform, outfit and accessories clean for each day is not just a luxury, it’s a requirement for a peaceful life and a smooth start to each day. My kids are old enough now to do laundry on their own, but that doesn’t mean I can sit back and forget about it. I have to double-check each evening to make sure everything is clean and ready for the next day. I can’t take a chance and hope it just happens.

Talk to Text messages:

We’ve all seen funny memes floating around social media about how people have talked into their phone and the words are misinterpreted. Talk to Text can yield some pretty funny (and strange) word combinations. But in real life, misinterpreted words can be far more serious. Before you trust an app to hear your message correctly, check and recheck – then hit SEND!

What’s for supper?

There are some moms who can create an amazing home-cooked, healthy meal in just minutes after running in from a busy day of work and after school activities for the kids. But not me. If I don’t plan supper at 8:00 am each morning, I am up a creek. Good tasting dinner meals don’t just happen. You have to plan it out. Take a little time each weekend and plan out the meals so you will have something on the table each evening.

Is there gas in the car?

I won’t confirm or deny that I have occasionally relied on my husband to keep the van filled with gas. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it, I just forget to check the gauge. Having gas in the tank is not something we can leave to chance. We must remember to keep an eye on the tank and make sure we don’t run out of gas.

Keys, phone, wallet & kids:

I have 4 words that I quote like a mantra every time I leave the house. Do I have all 4? If not, then I can’t go. I must have my keys, phone, wallet, and kids! True, I may look a bit odd as I mutter these things on the way to the van but if I make a conscious decision to remember these things, I seldom get where I’m going missing these four important things.

Is there money in the bank?

I once heard someone say that it didn’t matter if they balanced their checkbook; after all, as long as you can withdraw money from the ATM machine or the credit card company doesn’t deny their purchase, then they are ok. But that is not the way to live. We can’t just assume that there is money in the bank to cover our bills. We need to live on purpose and know where our money is coming from, when it should be deposited in our bank and where it is going. Our finances are definitely not the place to go on autopilot.

What are the things you don’t leave to chance? Have you learned from personal experience that some things are important to focus on? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Oh my goodness…no greater truths have been put in one place as these are! Although humorous, they are spot on! Thanks for the acknowledgement!

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