6 Things We All Need to Toss

It’s Spring! That means people all over the country are starting to feel the fever to get things cleaned up for the new year! Sure, we all know that there are some things that traditionally get the focus when people start Spring Cleaning! The windows are supposed to be washed inside and out, all the blinds cleaned, and the floors were given a good mopping. But what about the things that most people overlook? There are 6 things we all need to toss and get out of our house as we welcome the new season!

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6 Things We All Need to Toss

I love the three R’s! Reduce, reuse and recycle but there are some things that are hopeless. There’s just no way to get any more use out of them once they have been used all winter. For those things, I just have to suck it up and throw them in the trashcan. But other things can find new life. This week as we celebrate the beginning of Spring, I am focusing my attention on 6 things!

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1. Old sponges

Old sponges are one of those things that need to be chunked in the trashcan. Once they have been used for a while, they are stretched, broken, and have no use for anything else.

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2. Batteries

We go through alot of batteries! Between keeping the remote control vehicles running, game system controls and flashlights for emergencies, we need to keep batteries on hand. I love these new EcoAdvanced batteries that use recycled batteries/materials and have the promise of being “Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline ever”. EcoAdvanced batteries are available in AA as well as AAA.

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Think about the last few months of Winter. Did you or your family members have a cold, runny nose, coughs or fevers? If you experienced any sickness over the last few months, it’s probably time to replace the toothbrushes for the whole family!

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Tip: Sometimes old toothbrushes can be reused to clean the grime that accumulates around the faucets in the bathroom. This is a great way to keep more trash out of the landfills and keep your sinks clean!.


Take a minute and go look at your laundry basket. Do you have a pile of lonely socks in the basket that don’t have matches? If you do, then now is the time to pull them out and toss them. But don’t toss them in the trash! Old socks are perfect for dusting and cleaning jobs. You can put them in a bucket in the garage and use them to wash the car or clean up spills.

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Plastic Containers with no lids

Plastic Containers are like stuffed animals. It seems like they just multiply in the cabinets. When I opened my plastic container cabinet, the lids and tubs just fell out like an avalanche. It’s definitely time to toss the ones that are missing matches. But they don’t have to go straight to the trash. Tubs and plastic bowls are great for keeping nails and screws contained in the garage or may even fit inside a drawer and help you keep your crayons and rubberbands organized.


Most people have lots of opened jars of spices sitting in their cabinets. It’s easy to forget you already have 3 jars of cinnamon or sage when you start holiday baking. But with the onset of Spring, it’s a perfect time to look through your spice rack and check expiration dates. Though they don’t really go ‘bad’, they can definitely lose their potency and flavor. Might just be time for a quick clean up in the spice cabinet.


What are some things you need to toss as you start Spring Cleaning? I’d love to hear your plan of attack for getting ready for the new season!

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